The Business School of the Future

The Business School of the Future

Our materials through online platforms

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Our Team

Our Team

High Profile professionals to teach the Leaders of tomorrow

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The references about our innovative system in Mass Media and Universities

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Al-Khalifa Business School is Making Online Education Great!

Featured on the cover of USA Reformer

Under the Royal Patronage of

His Highness Mahmoud Salah Al Din Assaf

Associated University to the Educational Institutions:

The AKBS Educational Power: 5.500 alumni in 1 year

AKBS wants to change the way to teach and learn about business. We want to promote ideas and education worldwide, to turn knowledge into practical solutions. We are a company of business leaders who are giving their knowledge to new generations. The key is to educate the leaders of tomorrow, making disruption in business practice with global impact.

AKBS Learning System


Online learning in Business areas of Law, Agribusiness, Media, Music, Economy and Health.


Different online learning systems in areas of Economy, Business, Sciences & Technology,  Engineering & Architecture or Law.


Develop bright young academics with research skills to conduct research in contemporary issues in doctoral studies.

Executive MBAs

Online learning Advancement in specific areas of International Business Management.

Professional Certifications

Online learning to achieve professional qualifications in new industries.

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Executive Education

Hybrid learning for juniors and seniors to open networks and have employment opportunities in the real environmental work.

Media Mentions

Referenced in Forbes India as “The Global Challenge for 21st Century Online Education”

Referenced in MSNBC as“The Future of Online Learning”

Referenced in Le Figaro as “The Cross-Cultural and Cross-Functional Higher Education Learning”

Referenced in The Los Angeles Tribune as Al-Khalifa Business School: One of the Fastest-Growing Internationally Learning Institutes of 2020”

Referenced in California Herald as Al-Khalifa Business School is Helping Working Adults to Complete their Higher Education through Flexible E-Learning Programs”

Referenced in Seekers Time as Al-Khalifa Business School has Created an Online Worldwide Learning System”

Our Relations


Affiliations/Memberships of AKBS Chair Members

Academic Partnerships for the Global Education

Corporate Partners

Our Project

Our Business Ventures

AKBS Innovation Venture Lab is our latest business incubating project. 

The basis of promoting and interacting with the XXI century entrepreneurs of the Global Community.

Our key address is promoting entrepreneurship and positive business mindset in the new generations.

Our Social Impact

We are more than an education company

Al-Khalifa Business School is lucky to be a piece of various networks in America, Europe and Asia, and to be occupied with astute associations that show being great neighbors of the World.

We are connected through our history, mutual accomplishments, and pledge to instruction and making openings that empower long-lasting learning and reinforce our networks. Together, we learn, make, and keep on finding the transformative intensity of joint effort.

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Our Greatest Social Impact: The African Program

Al-Khalifa Business School gives 200.000 free scholarships to Africa in 2020.