The Business School of the Future

The Business School of the Future

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Our Team

Our Team

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Accredited and declared as a deemed-to-be University under Section 3 of the UGC Act, 1956 of the Indian Government


Accredited University by the Russian Ministry of Education with License Series 90L01 No. 0009854 reg. No. 2757 of 06/07/2018 and Accreditation 90A01 No. 0003359 reg. No. 3198 de 17.07.2019.


Referenced in MSNBC as “The Future of Online Learning”

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Referenced in Le Figaro as “The Cross-Cultural and Cross-Functional Higher Education Learning”

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Al-Khalifa Business School an educational company founded in August of 2019 (United Kingdom) that offers Post-Graduate Level Higher Education,   Cultural Education and  Educational Support Services.

We started with the aim of create innovation in business learning in different areas of Business like Agriculture, Media, Health, Law, Music and Economy with flexible programs for helping busy adults to study from anywhere.

We offer distance education with self-paced programs taken online by our online campus.

Our online study is about the kind of flexibility and support that can only come from a Business School that has long understood the challenges faced by adults studying from home.

Since the publication of our first course, we get more than 2.000 alumni worldwide enrolled in our online courses in the period between October and December of 2019.


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Our Mission

What we want is to offer quality and high profile professionals to help our students to grow up in their jobs with the formation of a top business school at moderate prices.

We offer post-graduate courses, certificates and specializations that are characterized by High Quality, lowest and the most affordable costs for higher education programs and non-additional costs for accelerated studies given by high profile professionals from the best companies Worldwide.

That is why we complement personalized and specialized education with Executive Programs that allow our students to work with our Professors and Advisors in order to learn, as well as to obtain a future in the labor field, either through Professors and Advisors or through our wide network of companies. and public and private institutions.

Our Founding Values

  • Entrepreneurial and Success Spirit: We want to aim our students to innovate with the moderation in the path, studying risks and results.
  • Independence and Diversity: We always take care of the equality opportunities opening our doors to different cultures and economies promoting individual and group works because the success never is known where borns.
  • Relevance in Research and Teaching: We always take from traditional and emerging systems for giving value since diversity the best way professionally.

Our In-Campus

In August 2019, we opened our first office, in the City Center of London (United Kingdom), since which we are developing our first programs in Higher Education for the Future with the advisory of different experts from Worldwide in the areas of Business and Profitable industries of our time that will be developed through our online campus.

In 2019 and 2020 we opened more offices in the United Kingdom and in different countries like Switzerland, the United States of America, Germany, India, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, China and Japan; since which we are developing our Institutional relations with other educational entities and companies.

Our Founder

Prof. Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal y Núñez LLB., MBA., Ph.D. H., is our Managing director and founder.

Apart of AKBS, He works in Higher Education in university as Associate Professor and Vicepresident of Communications at ASEAN University International as Visiting Professor and Advisor to the Pranab Mukherjee Chair for Sustainable Development, Research, Skill Advancement and Education at the Institute of Chartered Financial Analysts of India as well as Advisor of IIC University and of City University Group.

He is a contributor of Higher Education in the Official blog of News of Harvard University, in the University of Southern California, in MSNBC and Microsoft Education as well as Contributor and Advisor of Higher Education of The Times of India and The Economic Times.

He is also Contributor and Advisor of blogs and university platforms about Higher Education of Yale University, the University of California-Berkeley, Indiana University and of Oregon University Online.

He is Graduated in Law in A Coruña University (2013-2017), Graduated in Journalism at the National Journalists Association of Cuba in Exile (2013-2017) and MBA in “International Construction Management” at European University of Madrid (2017-2018).

He made different courses and specializations in business, management and cybersecurity at Wharton University, MIT, INSEAD Business School, Yale, New York University, Berklee Music, Columbia University, ESSEC Business School, Harvard University, Indian School of Business, London Business School, Princeton University, Stanford University or The Johns Hopkins University, between others.

He received in 2019 the Honorary Doctorate (Honoris Causa) in Human Rights and Diplomacy by the ASEAN University International (Indonesia) and Honorary Doctorate of Philosophy in Environmental Peace by Noble International University (USA).

In 2016 he started in the field of Law research about family law and private property. Since his beginnings in the academic field, he became a member of several national and international academies and received more than twenty national and International awards.

Sir Manuel is an advisor of some Princes and Royal Houses around the World as well as an Honorary Ambassador of different organizations related to the United Nations.

Since July of 2018, he is the President of the Private Council of the Prince Mahmoud Salah Al-Din Assaf, one of the most ancient Royal Families of Middle East.

Since 2019, he is a contributor of Le Monde and Le Figaro. He published 8 books with 24 years old and has been featured and Interviewed as an author in media like Forbes, Cosmo, CNBC, CBS, ABC or Fox News.