Master in Business International Law

(With optional Presential Executive Program)

Enrollment Available

Starting date 1st April 2020


About the Program:

Business International Law shows professionals of international Comerce all related to the regulation of contracts and agreements respecting to parties, responsibilities and all the issues that can be applied in the field.

The intention of this Master is to teach professionals with advanced knowledge of international contract law instruments, law forms and contract law rules of the international commerce and trading operations.

The content will teach since the basic to advanced concepts and terminology of contract law using the practical experience of the professors and advisors to learn how these terms and concepts are specifically applied in international commercial relations.

In this Master also will be important the meaning of contract clauses regularly used in international commercial contracts and their interpretation by doctrine.

The most important will be the aspects of the different contracts and interpretations with the aim of supervening events on contracts.

Teaching method: Live Lectures, class discussions, studies of module materials that have to be used for pass weekly assignments and final exams.



Module 1: Basic concepts of International Business Law

  • Module 1A: The Nature of International Business Law
  • Module 1B: The Importance of the Interpretation. Doctrine vs Law

Module 2: Intellectual Property Law

  • Module 2A: Data Protection
  • Module 2B: Trademark Registration
  • Module 2C: Patents
  • Module 2D: Intellectual Property in the Company of XXI Century

Module 3: Economy Law

  • Module 3A: Finance Law
  • Module 3B: Banking Law
  • Module 3C: Trade Law
  • Module 3D: Tax Law

Module 4: Private Management and Law

  • Module 4A: The Regulation of Private Investments
  • Module 4B: Acquisitions and International Regulation
  • Module 4C: Joint Ventures

Module 5: Competition Law

  • Module 5A: United States antitrust
  • Module 5B: European Union Law
  • Module 5C: Anti-competitive practices
  • Module 5D: Enforcement Authorities and Organizations

Module 6: International Contract Law

  • Module 6A: Contract forms
  • Module 6B: Negotiation
  • Module 6C: Interpretation

Module 7: Final Dissertation



  • 35 credits
  • Certificates of Module competition and Master Achievement by AKBS certified by AKBS and our Associated Academic partners
  • Optional Executive Program with presencial practical education with the professors of the Master.



6 months



2400 GBP


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