H.E. Prof. Sir Brian Patrick Luining has been appointed as the Director of the Economy-Business Program of Al-Khalifa Business School.

Prof. Sir Brian is Graduated with an international master’s degree (MSc.) in communications, as well as bachelor’s degrees in corporate management and in foreign trade management. He is also Certified in Program Management with APMG International and PMI.

He is Board member and CEO of innovative technology-driven companies in the digital workspace domain, food industry, natural resources and energy, defense and advanced systems. Since his position as CEO of ICT2.0, he contributes to high secure information and computing technology integrator for clients such as Secret Services, National Police Forces, Ministries of Defense and Security Services. Recently expanding into other industries as well, but with the same high quality standard.

He advises as Senior Advisor to Lead Ventures – The Office of H.H. Sheikh Sultan Bin Abdullah Al Qasimi from the United Arab Emirates.

In Novelty, he holds the title of Secretary of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George, one of the most exclusive orders which depends directly from the Vatican.

He works in many philanthropic areas related to the concept “Economy of Peace” with initiatives like Initial Smile Token, of which he is the founder.

Prof. Sir Brian also works with The office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and he is active contributor to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.