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Introduced by Prof. Brian Patrick Luining.

Al-Khalifa Business School is one of the fastest growing internationally accredited learning institutes since its founding in 2019. It is within its very roots and ambitions to offer higher education through distant learning, using computer and mobile technology to transfer knowledge programs to people anywhere in the world.

Since COVID-19 the digital transformation also in learning has grown exponentially. ‘Stay safe at home’ not only promotes working from a home office, but also applies to those studying. By now, most universities and students are adapting to the pandemic and are able to continue their respective studies. The online adoption is a fact, even when there might be some bandwidth and security issues to be sought out. 

How does the general online adoption and global acceptance for distant learning influence the largest emerging student population on the planet? As they are those students who were living in challenging circumstances even before and are surely those who bear the burden the hardest after the pandemic? How will they participate in changing their countries and continents for the better? How will they become the leaders in the near future?

AKBS Open World is taking on that challenge!

Working with heads of state, global leadership, family offices and impact investors, AKBS Open World launched its Future 200 Program: 

  • 200,000 daily students in emerging countries 
  • Internationally accredited higher education for $1,- per day

 Through sponsorship ABKS Open World is seeking to offer those students who have no personal access to computer or mobile technology, the necessary means to onboard their programme and enter the digital era and act as an ambassador to their local community.

Together we design the future!

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