His Royal Highness Prince Rina Telesphore, Head of the Royal House Andriakazomanga-Zafimbolamena born June 30th, 1976 􏰂􏰃􏰄􏰅􏰆, comes from two􏰃􏰈 long􏰃 royal lineages 􏰉in Madagascar􏰊.

He is an inheritor from the Kingdom of the Zafimbolamena of􏰃 Sakalav􏰌a Menabe by his late father Prince Raymond Telesphore (􏰎Zafinimamiratra), and the Kingdom of Andriakazomanga of the Merina 􏰐Vakinankaratra by his mother, Princess V􏰐oahangy Soa Rafiringa.

His Royal Highness Prince Rina Telesphore is married 􏰉to Pst N􏰑orma 􏰒􏰃Queensly and has six􏰈 children, one son and five􏰓 daughters, two of whom are twins.

􏰕He has two brothers and a sister, those still alive Prince Manak´􏰖Ash ou􏰃 Menakasina (Rado Telesphore􏰏), 􏰃a sister Yahloah 􏰎(Miora 􏰂Jeny Telesphore) and a deceased brother, Prince 􏰙Fy Telesphore.

􏰚By his love for serving his 􏰚God􏰚 and his people, His Highness Prince Rina Telesphore and his wife are founders of the Christian Shrine Ministry 􏰕Interna􏰛tonal based in 􏰃Mauritius to pray and help his compatriots.

He has held and holds many high responsibility positions in the service of countries. Among others, he is the Special Envoy, Ambassador of the African Diaspora Union, National President of various professional groups such as Association of Jewelers and 􏰋Lapidaires of Madagascar􏰏, 􏰙Federal President of Indian Ocean B􏰔ij􏰔outiers, or Vice-President of Small 􏰜􏰈Exporters from Madagascar.

He holds a triple 􏰚Doctorate 􏰠Honoris Causa in Diplomacy, 􏰠􏰃Humanity and Human 􏰚Rights.

His Royal Highness sits on the 􏰞Board of Regents of the 􏰠Harvest Christi􏰛an 􏰝University of 􏰚Dallas (United States of America).