Media Corporative Mentions

Mentioned in Forbes India as “The global challenge for 21st-century online education”

Mentioned in MSNBC as “The Future of Online Learning”

Mentioned in Le Figaro as “The Cross-Cultural and Cross-Functional Higher Education Learning”

Mentioned in Harvard University as “The Innovative System of Business Schools for the Future”

Mentioned in SeekersTime as “Al-Khalifa Business School has Created an Online Worldwide Learning System”

Mentioned in California Herald as “Al-Khalifa Business School is Helping Working Adults to Complete their Higher Education through Flexible E-Learning Programs”

Mentioned in the cover of USA Reformer as “Al-Khalifa Business School: Making Online Education Great!”

Mentioned in The Los Angeles Tribune as “Al-Khalifa Business School: one of the fastest-growing internationally learning institutes of 2020″

Recorded Interviews

Prof. Freire-Garabal Interviewed on The CEO Magazine Global

Other Mentions in Media

Interview in Hello Monaco Magazine about the future of Education with Family Offices

Chairman mentioned in MarketWatch regarding his appointment as Doctor Honoris Causa given by Noble International University

Chairman mentioned in MarketWatch regarding his appointment as Goodwill Ambassador of Arkansas US State

Mentioned in Yahoo (Money & Finance) and Business Insider (Markets) talking about the future of Online Education

Board Member Sir Anthony Ritossa in the cover of The CEO Magazine

Prof. Olga Mroz interview in Powerhouse Global Stars Magazine