About AKBS

Al-Khalifa Business School llp.is an educational company founded in August of 2019 (United Kingdom) that offers Post-Graduate Level Higher Education,   Cultural Education and  Educational Support Services.

We are an associated University and Business School that has become one of the best companies for the future of online education, referenced in Forbes as “The global challenge for 21st-century online education”.

AKBS has the support of some of the best investors and UHNW of the World with headquarters in the Middle East and the United States of America.

We started with the aim of create innovation in business learning in different areas of Business like Agriculture, Media, Health, Law, Music and Economy with flexible programs for helping busy adults to study from anywhere.

We offer distance education with self-paced programs taken online by our online campus.

Our online study is about the kind of flexibility and support that can only come from a Business School that has long understood the challenges faced by adults studying from home.

Our success in online learning started in the first year of our existence, achieving more than 5.500 alumni worldwide enrolled in our online courses.

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Our Mission

What we want is to offer quality and high profile professionals to help our students to grow up in their jobs with the formation of a top business school at moderate prices.

We offer post-graduate courses, certificates and specializations that are characterized by High Quality, lowest and the most affordable costs for higher education programs and non-additional costs for accelerated studies given by high profile professionals from the best companies Worldwide.

That is why we complement personalized and specialized education with Executive Programs that allow our students to work with our Professors and Advisors in order to learn, as well as to obtain a future in the labor field, either through Professors and Advisors or through our wide network of companies. and public and private institutions.

Our Founding Values

Entrepreneurial and Success Spirit: We aim our students to innovate with the moderation in the path, studying risks and results.

Independence and Diversity: We always take care of the equality of opportunities opening our doors to different cultures and economies promoting individual and group works because the success never knows where borns.

Relevance in Research and Teaching: We always take from traditional and emerging systems to value diversity in education.

Our Locations

We work over 60 locations in more than 30 countries with representatives that are working in institutional relations, corporate relations as well as looking for students in different areas of Business.

Since our different locations, we are developing our programs in Higher Education for the Future with the advisory of different experts in the areas of Business and Profitable industries of our time that are being developed through our online campus.

Press Offices

United States of America

Suite 1014, 186 Alewife Brook, Cambridge, MA, United States of America, 02138

+1 (617) 674-0424