This program is designed to develop your abilities in corporate finance, human resources and business modeling. The key is to improve business from the beginning.

The Corporate Finance Management Certification was created with the interaction of the Economy Business, Law Business and Open World Programs in order to deliver high-quality content certification at the lowest price of the market (100 GBP FULL CERTIFICATION)

The Certification can be completed in the term of 2 months and includes 5 chapters: Business Modelling, Business Resources, Business Psychology, Corporate Finance Management and the Final Dissertation.
The program has three basic benefits:

    • 20 credits course to continue your studies trough AKBS
    • Certificate of Achievement by AKBS
    • Self-paced course

The Corporate Finance Management Certification includes the learning business model developed by Prof. Dr. Milan Kranjc, from AKBS Open World, who has been officially nominated to the Nobel Prize of Economic Sciences 2021 by the European Center for Peace and Development, the University of Peace established by the United Nations, where he is also a full professor of Public Management.