Hosted by Sir Anthony Ritossa, Chairman of Ritossa Family Office, headquartered in Dubai, with deep roots into the Middle East, Europe & USA. Sir Anthony is a family office influencer, thematic investor with interests in private equity, real estate, blockchain companies, educator, philanthropist, and a 2021 nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize. This is the 18th event in a Global Series covering Dubai, Monaco, Riyadh and Miami – and the 1st in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The most recent Summit in Dubai made global headlines as the most significant & influential gathering of world leaders and family office investors of all time.

In light of new social distancing measures we are excited to host a limited number of ultra exclusive 350+ Elite Family Offices, Prominent Conglomerate Business Owners, Sheikhs, Royal Families, Private Investment Companies, International Business Moguls, Sovereign Wealth Funds, & industry professionals from across the Middle East and around the globe are scheduled to attend, representing over $4.5 trillion in investor wealth and making it the world’s largest and most influential gathering of elite family office decision makers, with an investor delegate ratio of 3:1.

“World Leaders, Global Family Office Investors Uniting Together & Investing For A Brighter Future” is the theme for our Riyadh Summit & will act as a bridge between Middle East families and their European, U.S., Asian, & Latin American counterparts to meet, network and exchange information and ideas to start the journey of discovery and venturing together between like minded peers in a safe-harbour environment.

The summit is a private forum exclusively organised by family offices for family offices, ultra elite private investors, prominent business owners, Sheikhs, Royal family members, financial families and their private offices from around the world. The summit brings together the world’s leading experts geared toward identifying actionable strategies for generating returns in a low-rate, high volatility market. Facilitated by family offices, the summit will provide two and a half days of private peer-to-peer conversation, networking and cross-border thought leadership designed to make you think about what to look out for, how you are investing, and why?

“The most highly acclaimed gathering of Middle East & Global Wealth of all time”

“I have produced literally thousands of events and conferences around the world and never have I found such a broadness of vision and project. The official support of Sheikh Al Nahyan and the Monaco Prince, the presence of the heirs of Bahrain and Yugoslavia Royal families, the heirs of Reynolds, Rockefeller, Bismarck, Muhammad, Menelik, Selassie and most innovative global finance platform is something unheard of before. Your event ranks in first place as the most astonishing and inspired world summit. I’m very proud to collaborate.” Matteo Peri, CNBC Europe.

“The Wealthiest Family in the World…

No it’s not Elon Musk nor Jeff Bezos nor Bill Gates nor Sir Richard Branson. It’s truly none of the above.

It’s a family of families, many families. Some you have never heard of, some whom prefer anonymity versus being in the public sphere. This family of families have together met privately in various settings over the past 7 years that I know of. For as an invited special guest I had the opportunity to meet so many incredible people, hear their visions, dreams and challenges and share in their views and ideals. It is one great family, one you would enjoy meeting as have I, for it’s an incredible journey into understanding, learning and sharing life’s lessons and exploring new opportunities. It’s is a group of like minded individuals whose values and purpose are of one mindset:

The betterment of humanity by investing with purpose, with impact and with the intent on ensuring the continuity of their family’s legacy.

This family of families is estimated combined to have wealth in excess of USD $4.5 Trillion. An Uber substantial amount of capital to deploy and close knit families that seek out meaningful opportunities both for growth and asset protection.

In every family there is always one individual, sometimes two but rarely. The individual who keeps them together, on course, and diplomatically facilitates constructive social and business dialogue that results in not only meaningful interaction, but billions of dollars flowing from tangible new initiatives, new investments and growth.

To stitch together such a fabric of family of families, truly takes a unique and special individual.

One who is brilliant, yet humble. Knowledgeable, yet soft spoken. Engaged yet reserved. A diplomat whose purpose is to ensure that each interaction is of the highest purpose. An individual who takes great personal pride in ensuring that there is a semblance of order, discipline, trust and honesty above all else.

Yet this individual who is sage beyond his years and whose rare insight provides many with a valuable perspective on the art of the possible by opening up doors that show new pathways, new innovations and a creates meaningful opportunities for participation of all.

I was honored this past week to have shared a rare moment with Sir Anthony Ritossa for a truly candid moment at SkyPower Global offices in the UAE.

Sir Anthony Ritossa is truly the head of the family of families. Through his organization that is at the heart of The Sir Anthony Ritossa’s Global Family Office Summits. For over a decade he has systematically and consistently focused on bringing together the most progressive family offices from across the globe.

In the global sphere of Family Offices, Sir Anthony Ritossa is truly the catalyst and the spark for innovative and impactful investments.”

– Kerry Adler, CEO, SkyPower Global, Canada & UAE