Enrollment Available since 1st January 2020

About the course:

A brief of 2 weeks about the basic pieces of knowledge of Blockchain in the Middle East.

What is the best way to use this Course? 

The course is developed with the aim of helping different generations to understand the concept of Blockchain and the influence in Middle East countries.

Course Program

Week 1

      • Previous concepts
      • About your thoughts
      • Introduction to Blockchain
      • Basic Concepts of Blockchain
      • Theoretical Framework
      • Conceptual Framework
      • Assignment: Effects of Blockchain

Week 2

      • Pioneering in Blockchain
      • Blockchain Regulation in the Middle East
      • Blockchain Applications in the Middle East
      • Blockchain Industries in the Middle East
      • Economy Advantages of Blockchain and the Middle East
      • Assignment: Blockchain Applied to your Industry
      • After the course: Results of your knowledge


2 weeks


49 GBP


      • 2 credits course to continue your studies trough AKBS
      • Certificate of Achievement by AKBS
      • Self-paced course